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This very special BLOG is not about Brasil but is about a cause very near and dear to our heart.

Help us Save the Polar Bear

The story of the Great White Bear including photographs and news stories about Global warming and how it effects the bears and their habitat. Go to the special BLOG about Polar Bears and see how you can help save these magnificent creatures.

Grande Hotel Prata

A BLOG showing the progress of renovations of a 96 year old hotel in Águas da Prata. The Vigilante Rodoviário, Carlos Miranda, is the spokesman for the hotel and part owner. Carlos took us on a tour of this magnificent hotel which is located just three blocks from our house.

Watch for many photos and stories about the Grande Hotel Prata over the next few months.

Mel do Brasil
A BLOG showing the production of Honey by our friend Flavio in Águas da Prata, SP Brasil.

Amazing Jabuticaba

A BLOG telling the story of the amazing Jabuticaba growing in Brasil. The BLOG shows the berries growing in three stages. It makes a marvelous jam.

Sitio Cachoeirinha

This BLOG is the beautiful story of the Sítio Cachoeirinha, located on the outskirts of Águas da Prata in the state of São Paulo in Brasil. It is the home of these wonderful little Ponies.

Our Doors

This BLOG tells a humourous story about the doors in our house in Águas da Prata, showing how we decorate them.

Sabados, Domingos e Ferias no Aguas da Prata

This BLOG tells you what happens on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays in Águas da Prata, SP Brasil.

The whole world comes to Águas da Prata.


A BLOG about outdoor decorations in the area around Águas da Prata, SP, Brasil.

See the fireworks in Poços de Caldas on New Year's Eve.

Bingo in Rural Brasil

This BLOG shows a Bingo Game on a beautiful farm in São Joo da Boa Vista, SP, Brasil and other venues. It is a great way to learn the numbers in Portuguese. What is meis-meis? Go look at the BLOG to find out.

This BLOG is a large one with over 150 photos about the Brasilian Lawnmower and its devastating effect on the landscape, crops, cattle, livestock and people in and around Águas da Prata, SP, Brasil.

There must be a better way!

Off Road Rally in Águas da Prata

This BLOG tells the story of an Off-Road Rally held in Águas da Prata and the side story of the Vigilante Rodoviário, Brasil's hero!


This is a BLOG of amazing Cigarras in Águas da Prata (You don't smoke a Cigarra but you do smoke a Cigarro).

Coffee in Brasil
The story of Coffee in Brasil! The growing, harvesting, marketing and drinking of "Nectar of the Gods!"

Canadian Recipes with a Brasilian Flare

This Blog showcases special Canadian Foods and how we prepare them in Brasil. They are complete with recipes, photos and complete instructions on how to prepare and serve them. Don't believe everything you read on the Internet. *SMILE*

Flowering Trees and Flowering Shrubs

This is a photo album of flowering trees and shrubs around town.

Dining in Águas da Prata

This will be a showcase of restaurants in and around Águas da Prata and region with photos and commentary. Mmmmmmm.

Pousada Schoenheit
A beautiful Executive Class vacation home in the mountains overlooking Águas da Prata.

Birds of Brasil
A photo story of many birds in Brasil. There are common birds, strange birds, colourful birds, funny birds, large birds, and small birds. Join us in the Wonderful World of Birds in Brasil

Dragons in Brasil

The frightening story of Wild Fire-Breathing Dragons roaming the streets of Águas da Prata in Brasil. They eat stray dogs, little children and unsuspecting mothers. Some of them exceed 10 meters in length.

Come and see them, if you dare!

Jatai Bee

This Blog is the story of a very tiny bee in Brasil. It is stingless and it loves the florets of the Areca Bambú Palm.


The Story of the Life and Times of a Brazilian Princess! The Worldy Adventures, family and friends of her.

Vila Nicolina

Watch the step by step reconstruction/renovation of this marvelous vila in Águas da Prata.

These BLOGS are produced in Águas da Prata, SP, Brasil by Urso Branco, an "Estrangeiro" from Canada.